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 Raiding for Fraps

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Raiding for Fraps Empty
PostSubject: Raiding for Fraps   Raiding for Fraps I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 11, 2012 10:08 pm

Hey everyone, I returned a few days ago to Bloodcraft and started Frapsing ToC and such. I want to experience all the high lvl raids like they should be but obviously Bloodcraft doesnt have them all. I came across a private server I downloaded and has all the Wotlk Raids available and working. So just for the sake of frapsing and being able to complete these raids using man power (not GM power) maybe sometime we can try to raid them.

I just want to raid to be able to complete them and have it on youtube with what players we have Very Happy

Let me know your thoughts.

NOTE: I'm not trying to make anyone leave Bloodcraft, I just want to raid the places we can't for fun Smile
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Raiding for Fraps
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