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 A new beginning! Hear me out!

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A new beginning! Hear me out! Empty
PostSubject: A new beginning! Hear me out!   A new beginning! Hear me out! I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 21, 2018 12:36 pm

Is anyone still alive and read these forums? I hope so.

First things first, so there's this WotLK realm.. Yea I know, I know, we've been there. But wait! We have not! Hear me out, will ya?
You can find this server on https://sunwell.pl/ and yes, I do see that .pl and indeed it's a Polish server. At least their realm Feronis is. But since the rapid growth of international players, they're about to open a new realm, Angrathar, on Jan 27th, which will be dedicated for the international community!

Why am I even telling you about this?
To answer this question we have to rewind a little bit. During the summer break of 2017 I made a small return to WoW with one you might know, Fern. Aka Gaidin, Seljo, Nazad, Iohannes...the list goes on. We went to play on a relatively new realm called Northcraft, and it had so much working shit that I was amazed, never seen that kind of scripted level before. But anyway, before I could get to level 80 there was a scandal, the owner messed up with the donation money and Northcraft was due to be closed. But since the Staff there were such good people they managed a merge with this Sunwell server, which had EVEN MORE shit working and scripted.
So we played on Feronis for a while until I actually didn't have the time to spare for it anymore, partly due to the fact that I wasn't too fond of the Polish community.

But now that Agranthar is opening we're a couple of guys planning a return to WoW to check it out. Anyone interested in joining us would be most welcome, and we even have a Discord channel we use to keep things together. Sort of like a mobile forum, but more intended as an out of game Guild Chat.
Feel free to join the Discord channel, provided you have Discord ofc, with this link: https://discord.gg/58GGbYS
I recommend that you do rightclick your name once in the channel and set a nickname that we can recognize on the go, if you do. You do not have to be interested in playing with us to join the Discord channel, the channel invite goes straight to a Guest Room where everyone including non-WoW players will be active.

And lastly, there's roughly 2k players playing on Feronis alone, and the PvP is at a very high competetive level there (Top rated 2v2 team is 2904 rating at the point of writing this, 3v3 is 2385 - no one on the Top 5 2v2 ladder is below 2700 rating), and I expect it to be high on Angrathar as well.
Their server is very stable, and I've not experienced any crashes or so during the time I played on Feronis.
Feronis is about to release ICC shortly after the opening of Angrathar, while Angrathar will start on Naxxramas and release content in a progressive manner.
If anyone is quick enough to read this shit, then also know that all Realm First achievements will be available for those interested in claiming that Realm First level 80 Class/Race/Proffession.

Do give this a good amount of consideration and do join the Discord channel to chat with the guys, and again, you don't have to actually be interested in playing the game to join!

Peace out, peepz!

Edit: http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/2-announcements/
Browse that shit for better info.
Also my name in that Discord channel is Aezye. We have grown quite rapidly and many old faces have found their way there, and I hope to see more of you soon!

Edit 2: Their server peaks at 5.5k players online during the weekends (maximum capacity atm) and there is a queue to log on. Arenas, BG's, Raids and RDF is very active!

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A new beginning! Hear me out! Empty
PostSubject: Re: A new beginning! Hear me out!   A new beginning! Hear me out! I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 07, 2018 10:29 pm

Can only vouche for this server. Feel free to join. Lots of fun Smile
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A new beginning! Hear me out!
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