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 Why Warlocks are awesome and/or terrible.

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PostSubject: Why Warlocks are awesome and/or terrible.   Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:35 am

Over the last couple... (hours) I have studied Warlocks and they're behaviours, and I've come up with a list of their rituals/behaviour whatever you want to call it and decided to share with some of you noobs.

1. Warlocks are like mages but more emo.
2. They've been known to punch babies, kittens and puppies on a daily basis.
3. They are good at making grown men cry and steal childrens lollipops.
4. Did I mention they're emo?
5. Warlocks dont play to have fun, they play to make sure everyone around them doesnt.
6. Half of Twilight Guardians are made of these people playing on alts but their mains are Warlocks.
7. They are good at two things mainly.
a.) Jenga.
b.) Trolling.
actually they arent good at anything I just made that up.
8. They believe E-PEEN will proc an erection IRL.
9. Voidwalkers aren't so much summoned as they are excreted. By the warlock. After too much Thai food. Pro tip: Never go on a road trip with a warlock.
10. Warlocks wear skirts and look like... Warlocks.. Mages wear skirts and look kickass.
11. Warlocks summon demons to do their bidding. Mages use warriors for that.
12. Panda was a warlock.. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
13. Warlocks sparkle when their skin is exposed to direct sunlight.
14. Dogs and little children can sense a warlock's presence. Just like the Devil.
15. Warlocks lack sexual stamina.
16. Warlocks drink their own pee.
17. The only way to get warlock out of your clothes is with lots and lots of club soda and a flamethrower.
18. Healthstones make you fat.
19. Warlocks siphon health from their enemies, then they suck that same health out of themselves and use it to cast spells. Mages ... think that's kind of gross.
20. Warlocks are bad tippers.

Not all of this is mine.
Anyone who reads this forum better contribute or I will find you and rape you.
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Why Warlocks are awesome and/or terrible.
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